VMB7in and vmbg* protocol


is there already a protocol documentation of the vmb7in or for the glass panels? its not on the download page yet.

I want to start implementing these.


As soon as it is available, it will be put online.

the glass panel is delivered, i have the oled version here at home, can i get the protocol specs?

VMB7IN will be be put online any time now.
Glass Panels will be put online when complete range is available.
Timeframe has not been fixed.

thanks for the vb7in, isn’t it possible to receive it already? even if its by email?

Sorry, no.

to bad,

don’t get what the problem can be as there are already modules available.
to bad, this was one of the main points for me that the software protocol was open, so it was easy to write our own software for it. But until the protocol for the vmbg* panels is available these are not really useable.

Please understand that providing the protocol is something we have always done and we will continue doing it.
It is just a matter of priorities, so yes, it will be available, but it does not have a high priority. There are other tasks that are more important right now.
Thank you for understanding.

ok thanks

Still no protocol specifications for the vmbg* panels?

Sorry, not at this time.
We will post it, once it is available.
Should be available any time now.