VMB7IN - can it read the same pulse into 2 channels?

Hi all.

It’s my turn to ask a question now…

My home has a split electricty meter, which divides usage into Day & Night.

Channel 1 of a VNB7IN is happily reading the pulses and gives a pretty accurate total consumption.

However, I’m billed in two halves.
Day & Night.

So my question is this.

If I link the same pulse into 2 channels, effectively they are both counting the same pulse.

Then I can connect a relay to pick up when the meter switches between day & night, this can connect to another channel of the VMB7IN.

Which pair of actions should I set between the 2 pulse inputs and the switch over channel.

Is it correct to use ;-

Disable when closed >> Day pulse input
Disable when open >> Night pulse input


Lock when Open >> Day pulse input
Lock when Closed >> Night pulse input

My alternative is use a relay to mechanically switch the pulses between the two inputs.

I welcome anyone’s ideas and comments.


You have a Relay 1 active at night (I don’t know how you do this!)
You have a pulse input on VMB7IN Channel 1
You have this same pulse input on VMB7IN Channel 2

Forget the third input on the 7IN coming from the relay and the electrical connection of this last module

Now, try this :

Relay 1 >> Lock channel at closed switch of VMB7IN’s Channel 1
Relay 1 >> Lock channel at opened switch of VMB7IN’s Channel 2

Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

The VMB7IN channels have the option of

Disable at Open / closed


Locked at Open / closed.

I’ll try them and see what happens.

FYI, the relay for night use was installed by the electricity supplier.

It’s a huge 80amp contactor, which feeds a totally separate electrical distribution board.
That board previously supplied power to night storage heaters. (Which have been removed now that I have fully zoned gas central heating)

All I’ll do is pick up the 240v switched output and use it to close a small 240v relay, which will close an input on the VMB7IN.

In theory, it’s sounds easy :wink: