VMB7IN Error


VMB7IN has a strange behaviour that i can classify as bug.

If you try to make the virtual channel to follow the state of a real channel , when the real channel is pressed virtual channel is not triggered .

Is it normal ?


Sorry, we are confused:
VMB7IN does not have virtual channels.
Please explain what you are trying to do.


it does have a virtual button check this screen capture :


So i define the virtual button to follow the state of another VMB7IN channel but it never follow it .


Here a better capture :


Yes, it has a virtual input.
We were confused with the ‘virtual channel’, this is a property of a relay module.
Anyway, the virtual input of the VMB7IN cannot follow an input.
To solve this, you need to use a virtual relay channel of a relay module.


What do you mean by : “To solve this, you need to use a virtual relay channel of a relay module”

VMB7IN Normal CH => Trigger Virtual RELAY
VMB7IN Virtual input => Follow the Virtual RELAY



The virtual channel of a VMB7IN can not follow a real channel.
The virtual channel can be used to link an action on a relay channel and it can be used in a timer program (eg switch daily an relay channel on).

In your case, you have to link the real button of the VMB7IN with the virtual relay channel of a VMB4RYNO in momentary mode. Now the virtual relay channel follows the state of the real channel of the VMB7IN


I linked Real CH of VMB7IN to Virtual Relay witch is linked to the dimmer
so when VMB7IN is triggered it trigger virtual relay witch trigger the dimmer <- this works.
now i want to “block” this behaviour between 8:00 and 20:00

i create a program on VMB7IN witch PUSH virtual CH of vmb7in at 8 and release it at 20:00 <- this works
I link Virtual CH of VMB7IN to Virtual relay and i say “Block if CH is CLosed” <- this does not work as it block the virtual relay all the time

it looks buggy for me because as soon i asign ANY action from vmb7in virtual CH to virtual relay the virtual relay is never triggered any more.

Can you help please ?


I did the same test and it works fine.
Do not forget to activate program 1 for the VMB7IN
Check if the virtual button channel is used for the two program steps (press & release)
Use action nr 26 for linking the virtual button to the virtual relay


i try but still does not work :

Step1: I linked VMB7IN:Virtual Button => VMB4RYLD:Virtual CH using action 26
Step2: I linked VMB7IN:CH6 => VMB4RYLD:Virtual CH using momentary action 1
Step3: I linked VMB4RYLD:Virtual CH to VMBDMI using restarting timer action 19

I set and activated program on VMB7IN to Press Virtual Button and release Virtual Button this work fine.

Nothing works as expected as soon as i link Step1 , VMB4RYLD:Virtual CH is never triggered any more.


HEEEELP !! :slight_smile: