Vmb7in with emdin01


i installed my vmb7in and connected channel 1 to my emdin01
now the emdin01 is counting, and so now and then the pulse light turns on.

but my vmb7in is not counting the pulses, if i look at my vmb7in, the channel light is always turned on, is this normal?


No, this is not normal.
Please note that the output of the emdin01 and the VMB7in have a polarity. Make sure it is correct and make sure there is no ground problem.


i didn’t know about the polarity, i’ll switch the cabling tonight and see what happens
is it documented somewhere the polarity?

in the emdin01 its not noted that there is a polarity, neither is in the vm7in notes.

Please check the emdin01 manual cover, the polarity is indicated.
Also, on the vmb7in, the ‘-’ is indicated (next to input 7).

This solved the problem, and indeed its in the docu, my mistake