VMB8PBU behind 2 x Jumbo push buttons

Here’s a fun question.

I’ve been asked to supply some HUGE illuminated buttons for a project.

These are great :slight_smile:

They are easy to fit and are strong too.


The only problem is that I’m no electronics engineer :frowning:

So can anyone suggest a circuit I could put in place that will enable the output of a VMB8PBU to drive the 5v or 12v led option?

(I could just connect the 12v led to a permanent supply, but it would be far nicer if I could integrate it properly.)

Thanks in advance for your help.



Hi Stuart,

Has this been sorted out? If not, maybe i can help you out… When do want the 12V LED to lit up, always or as feedabck?


Hello Bart

Sorry to hear that you couldn’t get the graphing to work with my little app.

Did you see that I’ve posted and a simple rule in OpenRemote that exports any sensor data to CSV files?

Any way, to stay on topic.

No, I haven’t done anything with this 5V LED lit button yet

(I’ve had a few other installs to take care of)

Do you have a suggestion on how I could get this LED to give the full feedback experience?

(I can send you the 5V LED if it help .)



Ah 5V is not a big issue but another component needed… you could connect it to your 12V bus with a step down 5V. This would not be my recommendation, better to organize the 12V led :wink:

Anyways, now it is depending what the aim is of this push button. To have it illuminated all the time (not when pressing the button) think this could be a solution, just connect the led contacts parallel on the switch contacts. And using a VMB8PB(u)…

If you want to create some kind of quiz button when i lits after pressing the button, then you’ll need some more hardware assigned… so really depending on the installation itself to be honest, maybe an additional relay would be required.


Thanks Bart,

If picking up the LED feedback signal from a (spare) VMB8PBU channel isn’t possible, then a separate relay might have to be the way forward.

FYI, it’s not for a quiz, but a VIP server call…

Thanks again,