VMB8PBU programming

I spent the weekend trying to configure VMB8PBU modules.
According to the manual, magnificent intelligent features like sunrise/set times, alarms, program steps, etc. can be activated.
But, i cant find those settings in the VelbusLink software…

The module settings only display one tap where to change channel names and delays almost identical to the older 8PB.
I’m using software version 8.2.26.
Are these functions supported already or not and how to acces?

Advanced functions are not supported in current release of Velbuslink.
Soon, we will release a new version.
You have received an email with a link to a beta-version which supports the advanced functions.
Please note that this is a beta-version for evaluation and testing purposes.


What is soon?

We are working hard to make it available next month.
It requires a lot of testing, which is timeconsuming but necessary.

VEL417 : I think you’ll have to extend your testing network with a beta team from this forum !
a lot of us would be volunteer and our configuration are differents : this will help you a lot for bug hunting :wink:

i think this also

Problem is, if something goes wrong and the Velbuslink software writes wrong memory locations, your Velbus modules are corrupt, and this will cause a lot of troubles, both for you and for us.

Then, this is not a beta version but an alpha one’s :laughing:

**alpha **is internal tests
**beta **is public (but limited to an experimented team of users) tests
**candidate **release is last beta before final release
**final **release is official public apps