VMBBOX installation

Does someone knows how to install the VMBBOX ?
If you look closely to the box you have a little border around the pattress box.

My questions are:

  • Is this the right way, to just insert in the hole, the pattress box till the border touch the wall ?
  • How it will stick in the hole, if the hole is done in a wooden panel ? :open_mouth:

Thanks a lot.

It seems that the vmbbox can not be fit in a wooden panel.
vmbbox is only made to be fit in a wall of bricks.

U can use the btichino boxes used for placement in gyproc panels (plasterboard)

Thanks for your reply. I will have a look. Any link where I could order this ?

Best wishes 2010.

I looked a little bit and found Bticino model PS563N. Is this the one needed ?

idd those are the ones. I don’t know where you 're from, but I got mine at the local elektricians store (didn’t have to order them, they had them in stock)