VMBDEMO1 - clear memory of modules

:?: What is the procedure to completely clear the builtin memory of both VMB4PD and VMB4RY modules. I tried to do it without success via the software VelBusLINK Version 5.6 I want to use them together with other modules in a new configuration.

VMB4RY: please check manual for instructions on how to clear memories.
(different software versions have different way of clearing memories, therefore it is important to check supplied manual)

VMB4PD: no specific way of clearing. Just change settings to suit new configuration.

The box which holds the VMBDEMO1 panel with its components did not contain any manual at all. Iā€™m not sure if both manuals I downloaded here velleman.be/fr/en/product/view/?id=363066 last week are usuable to do the job :?

It is impossible to determine what version of the software you have, so you will have to give it a try.