Vmbdme: problem with light

When I installed this module in combination with my 230v led lights, i allways get a faint light when the switch is turned off. So i cant turn the light completely off. When i turn the switch on, the ligths will get bright, so that works perfectly.

Any idea how we can fix this?


That’s really easy to answer.

In a very short answer…

“The mains replacement LED lamps you have aren’t compatible”.

The reason being that the DMI unit sends out a very small voltage (for various reasons) even when it is off.

Some mains replacement LED lamps only need this tiny supply to turn on.

I’ve just made it a policy not to use any “Mains replacement LED lamps” in any installs.

All my clients are recommended to use low voltage dimming with proper dimmerable low voltage LED lamps.

Switching mains replacement LED is okay.

Dimming classic mains lamps is excellent.

I’ve just tested some Edison style (retro) lamps with a VMBDMI and they work really well.

I hope this info helps.

Best wishes,



If anyone can state exact model numbers of mains replacement LED lamps that work with VMBDMI units, it might help other users with the same problem.

see forum rules


I don’t see anything in the rules about being honest about what versions of other manufacturers items that ARE compatible with Velbus hardware, especially mains dimmers, which can be very troublesome if the wrong lamp is used.

Isn’t the point of a support forum to be open with information for the greater good?

I will double check directly with the Velbus team to confirm that.

thanks for your reply. I changed my led lights to halogene lights with a higher voltage and now it works fine.