VMBDME replaced and not detected by Velbuslink

Dear Velbus support and users,

I have just replaced a 10 year old VMBDME module (dimmer for resistive load) with a new VMBDME module which was still in stock at a supplier in Belgium :-).

I was having problems with the dimming and switching off of my bedroom lights for no reason, 230v led spots without a transformer. After performing a lot of electrical tests, wiring,… I deduced that the module had a fault or that the fuse was dead. I didn’t want to replace it with a VMBDMI-R type, as I managed to find an old and never used model. I thought I could replace it 1 for 1.

However, when I replace the old dimmer with the new one (electricity and home automation off), my velbuslink does not detect it anymore, either by leaving the same address as the old module (module and velbuslink) or even by changing it… even when adding the module in a new project, the “not detected/scanned” symbol is still present and not possible to scan the new module…

I have 2 other VMBDME modules which are still working since 2012 and which are well detected and scanned in the installation (modules not replaced)

What would be the procedure to do in order to be able to detect it automatically or to force the detection/addition manually in my installation? And then reassign one of the channels of my VMBGP4 as initiator?

I tried with Velbuslink and the last version (10.9.0 ?), but no solution :frowning:

Thanks in advance for your help!


Just for clarity, are you saying that you can’t detect the new module or the old one that you have removed?

And before you go any further, can you confirm that you do have a VLP for your home that has the exact and correct configuration for the old module?