VMBDME + varilight yt250 dimmable transfo + LEDspots


Can someone please help me out here?
Want to dimm my leds via velbus but it doesn’t quite work
(ps sorry for the massive amount of text here)

I bought 24 mr16 ledspots of 3x3W 12V each (but they said they would only use 6W of power).
12V AC/DC cree leds inside, dimmable

They come in the lowered ceiling of our kitchen

Now I also bought the varilight YT250 dimmable electronic transfo and a VMBDME

“” YT250 can be loaded from zero watts to their maximum rating making them ideal for use as a power source for 12V a.c. LED lighting. The key features of VARILIGHT transformers are:-
• Short circuit survival
• Auto-resetting overload and over-temperature protection
• Soft start for extended lamp life
• Any loading up to the maximum will work. Can be loaded from 0 (ie. total lamp failure) to its maximum rating “”

Wanted to use these two for the on/off and dimming of the ledspots

This kinda works, only I wanted the transfo in my electric cabinet, this wasn’t a succes cause of powerloss, so less light from the spots. So I will install it in the ceiling, close to the spots

Because I’m using an electronic transfo, I guess I need to use the “capacitive load” setup from page 7 in the manual?

Now, I set the VMBDME in TIME F (on/off) and mode 4
What happens?
1st push, lights full on, next 3 times (within 5secs) nothing noticably happens, then next 2 times it dimms in pases of 25%, next time lights out.
Is this normal? why sometimes no reaction of dimmer?

Now, TIME F and mode 3
this is dimming in smaller steps, while holding the pushbutton, until you release the button
1st problem, dimming goes too fast
2nd problem, leds start to flicker

Isn’t the VMBDME the right choice, do I need something other?

if possible, I would like 2 seperate buttons for the dimming:
one to increase the brightness, second to decrease (dimm) the brightness

Thanks alot for your help already

greatings Davy, Belgium