VMBDMI-R issue LED spots CorePro

Hi all,

Since 3 months i have my velbus installation up and running however i keep having issues with my LED lights on my VMBDMI-R.
I have 6 LED GUI10 - 220v LED spots.
When i dim to 0 they all go off, and after like 4 seconds 1 or 2 will turn back on and stay on forever.
How can i solve this ? The LED’s used are dimable.
CorePro LED spot
5w 365 Lumen

What can i do to solve this ?
Like at night they can fully light up my desk, feels like 5 - 8% dim value.
Really annoying, got 50 of those bulbs so replacing them is no option :slight_smile:


  1. try for those bulbs who’re coming back on to switch L and N lines (if they have a GU10 socket, just swap them 180°).
  2. as I suppose that you didn’t put the 50 bulbs on the same VMBDMI-R, try to swap the trouble bulbs with others from other citcuits
  3. if all this doesn’t help, replace the VMBDMI-R with the combination of VMB4DC and the Niko dimmer 330-00701 and select the LED1 setting. You can pilot 4 Niko dimmers with one VMB4DC.
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@solivi suggestions are perfect.

I would add one more

  1. Put decoupling relays between the VMBDMI-R and the load. (Not before each VMBDMI-R)
    You can use batches of VMB4RYNO / VMB1RYNO or there is a solution that uses VMB6PBN and Arduino relays.

You just need to add a 0104 Momentary / Follow
action with the VMBDMI-R as the initiators and the relay channels as the subjects.

The reason being that there is a tiny forward voltage from the Triacs in the VMBDMI-R that is enough to energise your mains replacement LEDs. (But not all, it’s an annoying effect of the electronics inside the GU10s. Because the LED only requires about 1.3v to operate)

An old option is to sink the forward voltage across a filament lamp.

So an ‘old Skool’ solution would be to replace one of the LEDs on each circuit with a 20w (or greater) halogen lamp.

Tried, another one will pop on then :slight_smile:

Does not matter.

Bit of a bummer, so i need to add an extra 100 euro device to get my lights to turn off ?
Ill just throw the Veldimmer out then …

Same thing, i need to add extra hardware on top of expensive hardware to get my lights to shut off ?

I might give the 20w bulb a shot, but the color diff will annoy me…

Why don"t the dimmer’s just cut of the phase when at 0% ?

Arrrr yes…

A very good question.

If the difference in colour temperature does bother you…

You wouldn’t be the first to put a dummy load lamp in a cupboard.

In my theatre days, we would hang 500W of halogen load on a troublesome dimmer, just to get through a show.

Sometimes adding an electronic load may help also, like this one from Niko: https://www.niko.eu/nl-be/artikel/09-016-10

I know it’s a bit too late for you know, but we do specify a minimum load of 40W… If I understand correctly you’re at 30W (6 X 5W)? Triac dimmers do have their limitations. See specs here: https://www.velbus.eu/products/view/?id=429644
The good news is that the electronic preload has a good chance of helping in that case. No guarantees however…