VMBDMI-R, VMBDMI & VMB2LEDDC lamp compatibility


If anyone is curious about which lamps are compatible with Velbus dimmers, I’ve created these videos on YouTube.


Obviously these videos are purely my own experiences with particular batches.
I’m not actively recommending any brand or product, it’s always up to you to test combinations before committing to purchasing large quantities.

That said, you’ll soon see which lamps I think are performing best.

If anyone wants to add videos to this playlist, please let me know and I’ll add you as a contributor.



Just for the record, a list of the current options for dimming with Velbus can be found in this overview.
For lamps that are not compatible with the native Velbus dimmers, there is always the option to use the VMB4DC 0-10V controller together with a 0-10V controlled dimmer or driver.

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On an interesting note, this leaflet accompanied the 12v lamps.

I think it sums up the situation we all find ourselves in when it comes to dimming LED lamps.