VMBDMI timing still wrong after firmware upgrade

OK, I finally got around to replacing the last of my VMBDME with VMBDMI.
So I no longer have any VMBDME. All dimmers are nowVMBDMI.

After the upgrade the newer modules (FW1514) behave differently to the old (FW1201). The new ones delay about 3 seconds before switching on. And they also switch off more quickly than the older modules and their dimming rates are quite different to the old modules too.

So… I updated Velbuslink to the latest version (9.82.05). Then I updated all the older VMBDMI modules to also be FW1514. But the problem remains exactly the same.

So… I tried “factory reset” of all the VMBDMI modules (both new and old) in Velbuslink. Then I manually re-entered the configuration for all VMBDMI modules from scratch. Then I sync’d (full write). But the problem still remains exactly the same.

So… I tried factory reset of just one of the newer modules. And then manually configured it again. Then sync again… but the result was still exactly the same… it is slow to switch on and fast to switch off and it dims at a different rate to the old modules.

I have checked… all are definitely now 1514 firmware. The older modules are fine but the new ones still have a delay before switch on and they still switch off more rapidly, and they dim at different rate to the old ones.

My setup is 14x VMBDMI + 2x VMBGPO + 3x VMBRYNO + 2x VMB4DC

How can I get the VMBDMI to switch and dim at the same rates?


What happened is that in the newer modules the dim IC has been changed to work better with LED lamps. This IC is not accessible by Velbuslink so a FW upgrade has no effect there. This can only be changed by returning the modules to us.

But I’ve only just replaced all my VMBDME (every one of which burned itself out) with VMBDMI at great expense. Now I need to replace my older VMBDMI with new ones?
I have fourteen of these installed in a crawlspace. Velbus is turning out to be a very expensive choice and a lot of trouble :frowning:

How do I arrange the swap? Surely you don’t expect me to crawl in there to remove the older modules, then have no lights for several weeks whilst I post them back to you?

How many do you have of each behavior? I’ll check with the sales department what/if something can be done for you.

It’s blazing sunlight in there right now so I cannot tell by switching them on.
Is Velbuslink able to tell the new ones from the older ones?

Once the FW upgrade has been done, Velbuslink can no longer distinguish between versions.

OK, thanks. I’ll have to check them by eye this evening when it is darker.
I will report back later.

OK. It looks like my last order delivered a mix of old and new modules. The previous order was all old modules. All these VMBDMI were bought to replace VMBDME.

From observing their behaviour at on/off/dim it looks like I now have:-

4x OLD VMBDMI. These are the ones that were 1201 before FW update.

9x NEW VMBDMI. These were already FW 1514.

Yes, there are 13 in this installation, not 14 it turns out. The extra one is in my test rig that still has a working VMBDME and I can get by without replacing that.

So ideally I need to get hold of 4 new VMBDMI to replace those old ones.
I can return the four old ones (and a bunch of mostly dead VMBDME too) after I install the replacements if that helps.

I would prefer not to remove the bad ones to return first because 1) it would require two more visits to the 60m long crawlspace rather than one; and 2) I would have to disable the whole Velbus install for a while because removing these modules without fitting replacements will leave the bus and 240V AC wires hanging. This would mean no lights at all in the meantime (it’s all Velbus, 23 modules altogether).

I hope you can help.