VMBELO: memo vs screensaver

Today it’s the first time I’ve used the memo feature from the VMBELO.
What’s really anoying me is that from now on the screensaver jumps to the memo text although the screensaver mode is set to the current page (memo text checked on only at page 3).

Is this a bug in the soft or normal operation, can I undo this (ex set the memo string to empty)? Will there be an option in the future to display the memo text only and only on a specific page and not in screensaver mode?


We’ll check this and get back to you, thanks for reporting.

Yes, sending a null message to the memo text will clear the display.

I have asked the team at Velbus for this option, you can ask again to back up the request.

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is there or will there be a possibility to send the pagenumber currently displayed as a frame on the bus? This way it will be possible to use the memo feature as per page ie. a page for energy mangement, a page for sound control etc etc. The memotext can then be adjusted to the page.

I’m not aware of this kind of message in the bus.

Maybe someone else can chip in?

As an alternative…

Can you nominate a single page as your general Memo text page, then use

yes, but than I bounce back to my first problem that the screensaver is always the memo instead of only the memo text on the selected page :slight_smile: . So my intention was to send “null” to the memo when there isn’t any memo text needed on a specific page and send the info to the memo when needed. In this way can could create ex. a page for sound control, a page for energy mangment/monitoring, a weather page, etc etc.

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