VMBELO wake-up and bedtime clocks

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I wanted to use the wake-up and bedtime timers with the idea that it would be easier to change the hours when needed via an OLED module instead of opening velbuslink and change the hours in the software.

I found this information in the general manual and I know the VMBGPOD isn’t the same as the VMBELO, but wouldn’t it be nice to also be able to change these hours via my VMBELO’s?
Or is there a way to do this that I just haven’t found yet?

As a secondary question… I assumed these hours work exactly the same as any other trigger for program steps like sunrise/sunset. But it looks like it doesn’t do anything when I use a programstep with these bedtime hours.

Any tips?

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I’ll look at this with the ELO version and see if the function has been added.
(I reported this when the ELO was released)

If it has, it should be a simple matter of scrolling to the clock page on the OLED and pressing & holding one of the dividers until it enters “Clock Edit”

It does work exactly as you’d expect.

You do need to switch on the alarm time and ensure the correct group is selected.

Action 1007 & 1014 for example Overzicht van Velbus acties
Or an interface like openHAB / Node-RED (I assume HomeAssistant can do it, but not seen it in action @cereal ???)



I’ve had a look at one of my VMBELO panels with firmware 2221.
It’s possible to change the current time and date, but not the alarm times (or at least, I can’t find a way)

I’ve put in a feature request and pointed to this post, this has been assign the reference number #10,127

Why is this? Because for the sunset hours for example, this was not necessary.
Or I must have done something I don’t remember anymore. :smiley:

I just have to create an “enable alarm 1” once for this to work until the end of time?
But as it’s not possible to change the alarm hours from on the VMBELO’s, it doesn’t help me much at this time.
I’ll try to test this in the near future and hope to get this update soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll probably also have to use HomeAssistent pretty soon. More questions to come… :rofl:



Or use the Operate feature in VelbusLink


At some point…

You would have…

Yeah, not ideal I know.

Do you have a VMBGPOD in your property?


I wouldn’t hope for soon as such…

I’ve been told … “It will happen”… but not soon


I can think of a better person to ask questions of regarding HomeAssistant…

It’s not my favorite, I’m being encouraged to look at it, but it just isn’t flowing in my head

No I don’t. But I can live with it… for now.

I did understand this nuance, but one can hope. :wink:

Not sure yet if it’ll be Home Assistant or OpenHab, this will depend on the support of the other hardware I’ll get in the future.
It was always planned to use something to integrate more, but until now not a necessity. This will probably change… to be continued. :slight_smile:

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