VMBELx how much current "hidden" output?


The VMBELx edge lit modules have a “hidden” output on the backside. A very tiny connector with a current sink configuration (“+” = supply, “0” = signal, “-” = ground).

So the relay is between “+” and “0”. “-” is not needed.

I have it working, but I am wondering how much current is allowed? Is this setup I have a 12 V relay with some resistors and it draws 22 mA. Which is not much anyway.

Anybody an idea what the rating is?


I would keep it to an absolute minimum.

I use relay modules with a transistor control, like this one.

1 channel 12V,

Link to shop -

These wire directly to that little Molex three pin connector.


How to access/ program the “hidden” connector
Thank you

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Output is always available in Velbuslink. So that is easy.
Just have to add your own electronics.

I now have a small relay which does 20 mA current. And that works fine.

BUT this output seems NOT to have all the logic functions available to program actions. It seems an output with a limit set of functions defined.

I cannot use this output to trigger certain actions. It really seems to be an output only.

Greetings Matthijs

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That’s correct.

But it can 0104 Follow a Virtual Relay channel, if you need the extra actions :wink:

Wanted to switch the logic and have the output 18 change the feedback color on the Edge Lit module. Does not work. So there is a limitation. Which I solved indeed with another virtual relays.

Grt Matthijs

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