VMBGB1-2: program step with short press without release does not work on virtual buttons?

Hey all,

I’m having issues using some of the program steps actions with virtual buttons on a glass panel. In effect, I’m not seeing any of these virtual buttons do anything unless “Press (0.25s)” action is used. Is this expected and intended? I wasn’t able to find any documentation on this.

Here’s the setup I’m testing this out on:

  • VMBGP1-2 (firmware versions 1917 and 2221 both behave almost the same)
  • VMB4RYLD (firmware version 1927)

To reproduce:

  1. Configure VMBGP1-2.CH2 o-[ Momentary (follows) ]-> VMB4RYLD.CH5.
  2. Set up a program step to commit Short press without release on VMBGP1-2.CH2 a few minutes in the future,
  3. Synchronize modules.
  4. Wait and observe VMB4RYLD.CH5, notice that the virtual relay never closes.

The same happens with VMBGP1-2.CH2 o-[ Toggle ]-> VMB4RYLD.CH5 instead of Momentary action. When my glass panel was on an old firmware version (1917), this same would fail if I used VMBGP1-2.CH1 instead of CH2, but on a newer firmware (2221) CH1 works correctly (button is pressed and remains pressed) as I would expect.

Is this a bug? Should it work?

I’ve tested your reproduction steps but the virtual relay was closed in the end. Are you sure the virtual pushbutton is not disabled and the program activated?


Oh yeah, thanks for the pointer! Indeed, the virtual buttons were indeed disabled! I was wondering why wasn’t anything showing up in the “Type” column near these, and didn’t even think of it as a plausible cause. (Though in my defense, I didn’t know you could disable channels in the first place!)


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