VMBGP panels do not fit well in VMBGPFS


Several of my VMBGP touch panels do not fit well in the VMBGPFS support.
It happens that only 1 or 2 corners clip properly.
Is it something that others have also experienced? How to improve this?

Thank you


It is a very tight fit.

Can you check that the VMBGPFS are perfectly flat?

Any warp will cause the panel(s) to pop out.

Releasing / unscrewing the frame a little can allow them to find a level. (You can always pack out the gap if needed later)

In extreme cases, it could just be that the holes for the glass panel tangs need opening up just a tiny bit.
Put a flat blade screwdriver in there and give it the tiniest twist.
Just to release them enough so that the barb on the tang gets a little deeper in and can be held in place.

Thank you for your reply.
Indeed, I noticed that the VMBGPFS are not perflectly flat… I’ll try to correct that first before trying to enlarge the holes in the frame.

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In the not-working frame, there were 2 holes in which the OLED did not fit (even unmounted from the wall), although visually they looked fine.
I changed the frame with a new one and now it works.

Thanks for your reply.

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