VMBGP1 does not react anymore

Th led of my VMBGP1 works, but when i toutch the switch, nothing happens.
When i use the button “bedienen”, the light works normally.

This started after i programmed another switch, but i did not changed the vmbgp1 that stopped working.

What could be the problem?
Is it possible to reset the vmbgp1 or would this not help?


Things to do:

  • Verify that the action is present in your project
  • Synchronize your project
  • Optionally, perform a full write of the module that contains the subject of the action

These actions are not stored in the glass panels, they are (for example) stored in a relay module. If glass panel A and B both operate a relay on the same module, it is possible to erase an action for A by configuring B.

Of course, this is not by design, but can happen if you started from a new project, did not read/have the existing settings in the module, or don’t have one of the glass panels for an action listed in your project.

I have rewritten the whole module in stead of “only changes” and it works again.

Thanks for the quick help.