I have just taken delivery on the two button glass panel, looks good.
Got the buttons working no problem, but having issues with the temp sensor.

I can get it to work using the VelbusLink software.
But is want to use it with my own software which is VB.NET based and so far only uss input and switches on relays in responce, so very simple.

I can get the temp module to send the temp every 10secs when the VelbusLink is connected, but even after writing the settings, when i disconnect it defaults back to the non-polling mode.

If it can not be set to poll every 60 secs without the VelbusLink software, i would be happy to request the temp, but unsure how to do this.

Also to interpret the data in to a temperature.
From the VelbusLink software, this E62AA02AA038A0 = 21 degrees

Can someone please give me some pointers.