VMBGP4 wtih adr0

with a strange problem on cabelsystem i have now an vmbgp4 with adress 0.
Velbuslink did not allow to add a device with adress 0 or change a the adress from an device with adress 0.
Can i use the “send a packet” to change the adress?
If yes how??



Are you using latest VelbusLink (v9.82.0.5) to change the address? It should be possible to change the address 0 to a valid one.

As for why the module is suddenly showing 0; this is something that should not happen, is it perhaps an older GP4 you added to the system?

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yes i have the latest Velbuslink, but did not find where i can the address 0 change.
A scan did not show my gb4 with addr 0, only in logging i see the gp4.

It is an GP4 from the 2011, and the hole system is from 2011.
My problem is that the bus is in the last month get slower and slower.
After a lot of playing i found out when i beginn to upgrade some moduls the bus became the normal speed.
The only problem is that a lot of setled messages comes up after an firmware update.

Haus.vlp (349,0 KB)



Have you tried turning the installation off and on again?

The slower bus speed might also be an indication why the GP4 is not showing correctly.

You could also try physically removing the GP4 from the installation and seeing if the bus improves.

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