VMBGP4PIR-2 and Thermostat Mode Cycle Button / Virtual Buttons problem

Hi. Newbie here. I have just been having my Velbus system installed and been programming the various modules. I have a few problems with my VMBGP4PIR-2s. I have 6 of them and in none of them does the Thermostat Mode Cycle Button work as intended. Button 4 is supposed to cycle through the various set-points, but in the case of the VMBGP4PIR-2s, it is Button 2 that cycles and Button 4 becomes completely disabled. I also have a few VMBGP4s, and these work as expected.
As it does not support virtual buttons, I am finding the long presses completely useless - If I were to use one of the buttons to toggle a relay via a long press, I can only choose one of the remaining 3 buttons - it is just pointless. I understand that the channels are used up as it has light and motion sensors, but surely, it must be able to support at least another 2 virtual buttons? Alternatively, is there a work around to get the long press to do something useful? Ideally, I would like to be able to have one button cycle through switching scenes.

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isn’t it mounted upside down on the wall?

No, it is not. It is mounted in the same orientation as the VMBGP4s with the plug at the back on the top. Moreover, Buttons 1 - 3 (starting top left to bottom right) turn lights on and off as programmed (Channels 1 - 3). Button 4 becomes disabled when using Thermostat Mode Cycle Button. For some reason, Button 2 is the one that cycles. When not using the Thermostat Mode Cycle, all the buttons work as expected.

Thanks for the report, rrajagopal. :slight_smile: We’ve reproduced it and saw the same behaviour. Button 2 is used to cycle through the thermostat modes, while button 4 is disabled.

We will bring out a new firmware update for the VMBGP4PIR-2 module in one of the upcoming releases of VelbusLink to fix this issue. We’ll let you know in this thread when we do so.

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Thank you. Good to know that it was not me being silly! I shall wait for the firmware update before I program the thermostat mode cycle.


Update: Firmware version 2044 should fix this issue. It’s included in VelbusLink 10.4.0. :slight_smile:

Hi. Been out of action for a while. I have just downloaded and installed Velbuslink 10.4.3 from my previous 10.3.1.

The Thermostat Mode Cycle Button is working OK now. Thank you.

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