VMBGPO IR Infra-Red now in Android App

Hello all.

For all of you with VMBGPO panels, here is some interesting news.

By enabling the IR receiver on your panels, you can now use a lovely Android app (as long as your device has an IR Blaster) to mimick all 32 buttons AND change the heating mode.

I’ve tested the app with a Samsung S6 and a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, if anyone has any other Android devices with IR Blasters, could you put a comment on about how you get on.

I’m told that the commands also work with other Velleman IR receivers, so please try those if you have the hardware.

Many thanks,


Link to the app on Google Play


and the Pro version (Advert free)


(Layouts can be moved from the two versions if you have a decent file manager on your Android device)