VMBGPOD Action Limit while programming

Hello. I’m making some changes to actions on modules. All is fine except on one of my VMBGPOD for shutters and specifically on one button. I’ve added up to 9 shutters on one button to go up and on the button ment to make them go down the add function is giving me an error message when I want to add the fourth shutter “Quantité maximale d’actions déjà atteinte” (I work in French) which means “Maximum number of actions reached”
Velbuslink is up to date.
Any advice as to work around this problem ?
Thank you.

Hello, welcome to our happy community.

I was under the impression that the maximum number of actions was more like 30+…
But for a button event, this is decided by the amount of subjects (where the subject is the part that receives the configuration)
Maybe this has been changed in Velbuslink V11 ?

Anyway, a solution would be to move all the actions to a Virtual Relay (with the relay as the initator and blinds / shutters as subjects)

And add a Momentary (0104) action between your button and the Virtual Relay (button as initiator and relay as subject)

This is a good solution in general, especially for example if you want to create a common All Off feature, that can be triggered from multiple locations / buttons / inputs.

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Hi there ! Thank you for your response. Upon reading you I went and checked how many times the blinds that were creating the problem had been used and noticed other blinds could be added without problem. I removed the two blinds creating the problem from unused buttons and then was able to add them where I wanted.
The problem was the number of events. I think the current limit is 25.
Having been able to solve my problem I did not need to apply your solution. But I will keep it in mind for next time if I can’t remove actions from unused buttons.
Thank you again.

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That’s an excellent summary and review.

Thank you so much for sharing your findings.

Good luck adapting your system further to suit your needs.

Joyeux noël