Does anyone have experience with the memo text function?

In the VMBGPOD PROTOCOL documentation the memo text function is described as
SID10-SID9 = 11 (lowest priority)
SID8…SID1 = Module address
RTR = 0
DLC3…DLC0 = number of databytes to send
DATABYTE2 = don’t care
DATABYTE3 = text start position
DATABYTE4 = character 1
DATABYTE5 = character 2
DATABYTE6 = character 3
DATABYTE7 = character 4
DATABYTE8 = character 5

What values should be used for the characters , ascii?
It also specifies the last character must be zero.
Is this for each packet or the last character in the total string you want to display.

Does anyone have some examples of data packets on how to use this?

The characters must be in ascii format.
A string can have a maximum of 63 characters and ends with a null termination character.
They must be send by subpackets of 5 characters.


We had the same issue, so I created an Excel spreadsheet to work it all out.

The only thing I couldn’t do was work out how to create the checksum for each packet.

Thankfully a better man than me took care of that bit.

You’re very welcome to download the spreadsheet here:-


Just be careful which program you use to open the spreadsheet.

Excel is fine, as is Google Sheets.
But WPS office doesn’t support the ‘Code’ function that is used to harvest the ASCII codes.

We’re used this formula in the new OpenRemote Velbus integration.

The only other thing to remember is that you must send a blank message to clear the memo text.

We have programmed OpenRemote to automatically send the clear message after a default time period, which can be changed easily.

Good luck