VMBGPOD unhappy changes after upgrade


I have a VMBGPOD with buttons to steer 6 blinds (VMB2BLE) with the command “Down”.

Three weeks ago I did an update of all my modules after installing the latest Velbus software. I estimate it was 2-3 years ago since the previous update.

We also have other VMBGPOD pandels with command “position go to x %”.

My wife notices that after the upgrade:

  1. the actual positions of the blinds after executing the command “position go to …” differs with approx 10%
  2. if the panel is not used for a couple of minutes and i press a button to get all my blinds up, nothing happens, except that the lights on the panel are a bit brighter: I have to press a second time before the action “down” is executed for my blinds. That is definitely a change.

I solved 1) by changing the percentages in the software.
How do I solve 2) ?


I’m glad you’ve resolved issue 1.

Issue two might be something completely different.

Is it possible that the panel is going into screen saver mode, but not actually dimming down very much or doing something obvious to let you know it’s screensaver is active.

It reads to me like the first press is waking the panel and the second is being seen as a button press.

Look around the screen saver options and you should find a tick box that says something that suggests that a button event will be actioned even if the panel is sleeping.

Indeed, i see the checkbox for that setting is off for that panel.

Try putting it on.


Then turn it off again and syncronise.

(Or perform a “full write” to just that module to make sure the settings in the panel are the same as the project)

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Bedankt dat is opgelost.

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