VMBGPx adresses


I could not find a manual of the glass panel series (vmbgpx modules). I can/must assign multiple addresses to these modules.

What are these for (besides the normal 1 address that each programmable module needs)?


there are 8 pages in this module, every page has 4 functions available.

so for each 2 pages (8 functions = 1 byte) an address is required for identifying the channel.

page 1 input 1 => address 1 channel 1
page 2 input 4 => address 1 channel 8
page 3 input 1 => address 2 channel 1

i have no idea why its done this way, probably to keep the velbus messages the same on the bus across multiple modules.

so 4 addresses are required for the inputs (if you use all of them) and an additional address is required for the temp sensor


i’m using the VMBGP1 (1 button), GP2 (2 buttons), GP4 (4 buttons) and GPO (8 x 4 buttons) and shortly GPTC.

GP1, GP2, GP4 use the first address for the command function and the second address is use for the temperature sensor if it’s use.
on the GPO you need 4 address for the command and one more for the temp sensor.

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There is one address per eight buttons (= 2 pages), plus an address for the temperature sensor.

The Change Address dialog in VelbusLink displays what each address is used for.

VelbusLink 8.19