VMBHIS Hard Reset

Hello everybody,

I’m a new french owner of Velbus configuration.
Yesterday I tried to activate my HomeCenter Module (VMBHIS), all worked fine, but today I try to change my default admin password on the windows client.
When I wrote it I couldn’t see it and I probably made a mistake on it.
Now it’is not possible to logon with the admin account (I tried different mistake on the password, tried the old password…but nothing work).

I see there is reset button on the HomeCenter box, I tried to use it but nothing happened.

Is someone know how to make a hard reset of this box?

Thanks a lot and sorry for my english.



Bonjour Jeff

You will probably need to talk to the developer directly


Thanks MDAR,

I will ask to my resseller, but I have to wait monday.
When I try to contact homecenter support by the link you send to me, it ask me to buy a homecenter remote assistance at 75€ HT.

Is someone else have an idea?



That’s not really answer anyone wants.

I hope someone can help you.

Hi @Jeff56,


Please do send an e-mail to the mail address found on the contact page. We will make an appointment (online) to reset the password.
For a one time occasion you lose your password, we do not charge any costs.

You can write in French.

Edit for future reference: Please do not just send the module to us! We have a solution to reset the password remote even when you cannot login, but we need to agree on a time to do this and we will explain the procedure to you.

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Hello @Homecenter

Thanks for your answer, on the contact webpage I not found mail address for support, the only one I fount is info(a)stijnen.be. Have I write on this address to make an online appointment?

If not can you give me the good one?


That is the correct email address.