I have a VMBMETEO since three months but can’t see temperature, wind, illuminance with homecenter.
I try to update vmbhis soft but canno’t.

So i’m sad to see i spend lot of money and cannot use the VMBMETEO on homecenter.

Any informations?


Maybe your license for updates has expired?
Home Center comes with one year free updates, after that it will continue to work, but for another year of updates you will have to buy an update license from Stijnen Solutions.
(This update will also include all previous updates until then).

My license is OK.
I finally can update but cannot read vmbmeteo on homecenter…

You will probably have to add the VMBMETEO manually, since Home Center will not automatically add new modules (to avoid messing up zones that users have already configured).
So in the Windows Client > Settings > Configuration and connection > Read Changes.
Then Manage Zones, and in a zone of your choice, right-click on an empty space and add the METEO (which should be available in the list of modules after the read changes and the latest update).

It work.

But since i made the update, e-mail doesn’t work :frowning:

The email issue since update sounds like a bug to me, please communicate it directly to Stijnen Solutions, developer of Home Center: homecenter.be/contact/