VMBMETEO - Humidity

For the moment, the VMBMETEO does not measure humidity level in outside air.
What solution would you recommend to measure outside humidity?

Isn’t it foreseen to upgrade the current model with that feature?

Thank you

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Personally, I use a basic 10v sensor into an input of a VMB4AN.

But that’s isn’t a very cost effective solution, unless you have excellent uses for the remaining inputs.

An alternative would be a weather station or a sensor (like the NETATMO weather station) which I can integrate in Home Assistant. And as soon as Velbus integrated the Home Assistant in Signum (which is about to come I think), I can make the link between the NETATMO weather station and my Velbus installation.
Do you have an opinion on this vs. your solution?
Thank you

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Errrr, yes, I have a Velbus based opinion.

I would stick to Velbus hardware wherever possible, I find it just works, which is essential if selling to a customer.


Would I entertain an alternative for my own use, where I can monitor it and repair as required, yes, of course I would.

For humidity, I would probably put a M5Stack environment sensor onto an M5StickC and run some simple MQTT code to push the data into NodeRed.

I have an opinion on HomeAssistant, but it’s “not Velbus approved”, so I’ll keep it to myself.

I prefer things like openHAB, NodeRed, OpenRemote & Control4

Thank you for your reply

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