VMBMETEO - km/h -> m/s

First of all, thanks Santa for this device :slight_smile:

Suggestion to have the choice of different units (km/h, m/s, Beaufort, knots) for wind measurement. For me personal, m/s would more applicable, maybe other would prefer knots…?

Another remark, following the mounting instructions there will be always one wind direction in the wind shadow… since this is designed for wall mounting. An option for ‘pole mounting’ would be appreciated. Maybe an idea to bring a 3d print design available as a retrofit?

Anyway, I’ll create an outdoor test setup and will play with this device and it’s new features…

Hello Bart,

You’re timing is excellent.

We’re about to add the Meteo to the OpenRemote library, I’ll talk to the programmer and see if he can add an easy conversion command.

Merry Christmas,



Thanks to your suggestion, we’re looking at adding a “conversion factor” to the Counter_Status_Instant & Counter_Status commands in OpenRemote for ALL of the input modules that support that command.

So by using a conversion factor of 0.277778 would convert KM/H to M/S, or 0.539957 would convert KM/H to Knots.
Likewise, a factor of 0.0166666667 would convert Litres per Hour to Litres per Minute.

I’ll let you know when that function becomes available… soon…



Hey Bart,

By any chance, would you happen to have an OpenRemote Pro Controller running with your Velbus network?

I’ve got some interesting news regarding your question about different wind speed values :wink:




Hi Bart,

I haven’t heard from you since your second email, so I assume you’re really busy.

To keep you in the loop, I’ve tested the functionality of the VMBMETEO in OpenRemote and I’m happy to say that it’s working really well, including your excellent suggestion of a multiplier to convert wind speed.

We’ve extended that functionality to any other module that uses the counter status command. (Currently only the VMB7IN)

If you still need any help, just drop me a line.