I’ve installed a VMBPIRO with the buil 1526. The documentation mentions that the outputs ‘dark’ and ‘light’ works separately but i’ve done some testing and it seems that the measured light value has to cross both levels before the output ‘dark’ is set to ‘on’. This means that when the level of output dark is crossed (774 in my case) the output dark stays ‘off’ (timeout is set to moment/follow and time is set to 5min) even after the time set (put it to 5sec to test), only when the other level off ‘output light’ is also crossed (784 in my case) then the output dark goes to ‘on’ after the set time (5sec). The same issue is seen the other way (from dark to light). Is this normal because the documentation tells another thing.

Your “output light” threshold should be a lower value (lighter) than your “output dark” threshold, not higher.