VMBPIRC - switching off lights


I have configured my motiondetector (CMBPIRC) to switch off lights after a certain period.
In order to test it, I have put my ‘reaction time’ to 1 min. It doesn’t switch off lights after 1 minute though, but only after ten minutes.
Anyone knows why this is?

Thanks a lot!

Could you please specify which actions are used with which channels, and also how the configuration parameters are for the VMBPIRC channels you use? Also, what build do you have for the VMBPIRC?

Good evening,

I have two activities, linked to CH7. Both activities switch off a channel of a VMB4RYLD
The build is 1526.
Configuration params for the VMBPIRC are:

  • response time = 1min
  • Modus: Moment/Volgen (standaard)

If you need the .vlp file, I can send it - if this is possible via this forum.
Or is there an email address I can send it to?

Thanks for your help!

Could you try a firmware upgrade (available through right-click on the module)?
There was a bug in firmwares < 1604 where if Velbuslink wrote a smaller timer value than the current one, it wasn’t correctly taken into account.
Use the latest Velbuslink! See [Velbuslink downloads on velbus.eu](http://www.velbus.eu/support/downloads/?id=376994).

If after the firmware upgrade it still doesn’t work, I would recommend setting the VMBPIRC to factory settings, then doing a full write (uncheck “only write changes”) of the VMBPIRC, then configure again and see if it works.

P.S. I see you probably are Dutch speaking, there’s also a Dutch Velbus forum here if you want…

now it seems to work fine. Thanks for the advice!
I guess I’ll need to change the sensitivity to ‘high’ because even when people are working in that office, lights switch off after some time.
So apparently no movement is detected when they work on their computers.