VMBPIRO can not clear the 'timers'

I’ve programmed a timer in the PIR module but I can’t remove them anymore. Everytime i reopen the file the timers are there again, so ‘deleting’ them isn’t saved in the config file. I put ‘no active program’ on it and this solved the problem for now because this is ‘saved’.

First of all, please make sure you use the latest version of Velbuslink (right now 9.32).

Concerning your question, you may have omitted to save your project file after making changes?

In that case there may be a misunderstanding concerning “save” and “sync” in Velbuslink? (see also pp. 28-29 in the Installation Guide).
On the one hand you have the Velbuslink project file (the .vlp on your PC), on the other hand you have what’s written into the memories of the Velbus modules in your installation. Synchronizing makes sure the two are identical (and can be done in two directions, “reading” from the modules to Velbuslink or “writing” from Velbuslink to the modules). But it doesn’t save changes to your .vlp file, for this you need to do “save”.

If you make changes in Velbuslink, then close the project without saving it, then reopen it, the changes seem to be lost (which is the expected behavior because you didn’t save them).

Changing the active program works a bit differently, since this is a command that is written instantly to the module (without syncing). Which may explain why this works. Program steps, actions etc. however need to be synced/saved.

Yes, i’ve saved the configuration file. With the new release (9.41) i have still the same problem. When i remove alle timers programs in the VMBPIRO, then sync it to the module and ‘save’ the configuration file. When i ‘read’ the module, the timers are deleted, thats ok. But when i reopen the .VLP file, then the timers are back even when i ‘saved’ it. I also tried saving on another name but the problem persists.

OK, I see, I can reproduce that here also. I’ll take it up with the software developer and post back here as soon as I have news.

Thank you for taking time to report this issue, you are correct that this is a bug in VelbusLink <= 9.41.

This issue has been fixed in version 9.42, which can be downloaded here:
velbus.eu/downloads/velbusli … 0.3171.zip