VMBPIRO High/low temp alarm not working

Does anyone have the problem that the High and low Alarm’s are not working anymore? The firmware version is 1626

Could you share some more precise observations please? What do you mean exactly by “not working”? They don’t become “pressed” when they normally should? The action connected to them isn’t executed? …?

Since when have you noticed this? Did anything change in the meantime? Did you change the programming/configuration? New Velbuslink version? …? Added/removed/changed modules, cabling, terminators, …?

It does noting… The state of the button is always Released It never becomes pressed… A friend of mine is having the same issue with his installation so I don’t think it has anything to do with my cabling or terminators…

I have the latest version of Velbuslink( running… I don’t really know since when because I only use the High alarm(27°C)

I also just updated the VMBPIRO to firmware version 1817 and I’m having the same issue…

Thanks for the quick reply!

I’ve had the same problem a few month ago with Velbuslink 9.82 (I think!) and release 1626 of VMBPIRO. High and low temperature alarms were not working.
Since version 9.84 problem is solved! Didn’t try v9.86 yet

@kristof.briers Can you sync -> read the VMBPIRO and check the temp.alarm settings in the config screen please?

Mmm then it show’s the following

So it does not update the new value?

That’s what I had here too. Probably a Velbuslink bug. We’ll look into it and come back with news as soon as possible.

This has been fixed in the latest Velbuslink (
Our apologies for the inconvenience.