VMBTP8 Home center

I have ordered vmbtp8, now I read on the site, that the software home center may not work with some of my modules because they build of an older type

Are they completely useless with home center?
It is possible to upgrade?


I have tested 'Home Center" software from Stijnen Solutions with my old modules ( vmb4ry, vmbdm1, vmb6in and vmbled) and had no problems at all. Because i don’t have newer modules i’m not sure that these are fuly supported by 'Home Center".

hope this will help you.



There are some issues with older dimmers (VMB1DM,…). In case of troubles (not finding modules, macro’s, …), please contact Stijnen solutions and make sure you have written down the build versions of the problem modules. If the firmware is too old, you need to let us (or Stijnen solutions) upgrade the modules.

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