The changelog of VelbusLink mentions added support for VMBUSBIP. What exactly is this module?
A Velbus USB interface with integrated velbustcp server?



The VMBUSBIP is a Velbus configuration module which has both a USB and a IP interface.

It is currently still in development and is expected to release alongside VMBSIG.

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Are the connectors going to be on the top or bottom face this time around :slight_smile:

Or if you want to put a USB on the front face (like the VMBRSUSB), can you put screw terminals for the USB on the top too ?
(Not two USB connections, just the one with two ways of connecting to it)

Simple reason being, if the module goes into a smaller din rail cabinet, the door won’t close with the connectors plugged into the front :frowning_face:


We’re looking into the option for a micro-USB on top, I’ll keep you posted here.


Here’s another thought for a TCP interface.

Will it have a NTP time to Velbus time update routine?


The Signum has NTP, the USBIP doesn’t.
Both do have a supercap clock backup that will maintain the time and date in case of powerdown, will last several days.