VMPIRM Locked state

Hi Guys,

I feel like i am stuck.

So, PIR in the toilet. Auto switch off and on via Momentarry follow for 4 minute’s.
Cool, works like a charm.
Client now wants to be able to toggle a button on the phone (Open hab, button attached to virtual relay 1 Channel 5)
I’ve set the External override function and this works.
But not very fantastic.

If u know upfront your going to the toilet you can switch on the light to activate the override. (would mean an extra button.)

Want i want to achieve is, you enter the toilet the PIR switches the light on. Client presses a button if he wants to extend his “Play games on his phone time away from the kids”.
But seems like it just does not works the way i want it to…

It could work, but then i would need 2 buttons, 1 to activate the light relay (Channel 4) and 1 to block the PIR via override (would be CH5).

Am i making it to complex ?
Please advice…

Perhaps you can lock and unlock the light using a button if the time that the light is on needs to be extended.

There are a few scenario’s you could play here…

  1. Motion based: PIR Sends a restartable timer signal to the light relay - if he wants to extend wave at the PIR and light goes on/extends. (PIR needs to be in toilet)

  2. Extra timer (extending the time) - this can be done with a button that starts an additional timer on the light channel which is extra long (if your original timer is a “restartable timer”) - this button can be a physical button, an input channel in Velbus (not used/shown channel in a wall interface) and then a representation of that button in OpenHab in case it is not exposed. [advantage here is that the actions are still Velbus based]

  3. Inhibit command - where a (virtual relay) channel sends an Inhibit to the light channel “while closed”- ensuring the light channel will ignore the “OFF” command after the timer expires - When inhibit is cancelled it will shut off the light channel. - you could use Velbus timers or just On/Off or timed from OpenHab. Representation of this extra virtual channel can be an ON/OFF Switch Item in OpenHab.