VNB6IN invert input


I’m having a magnetic door contact connected to an input of a vmb6in to a vmb4rld to switch on a light. The light switches on when closing the door, while I would likt to switch on the light when opening the door. So the input needs to be inverted. I read this should be possible. Can somebody explain me how? Thanks.


I’m not sure what you are trying to accomplish, do you want the light to go on when the door opens (switch open) and stay on no matter what the state of the door afterwards, do you want the light to stay on for a set time (timer function) or does the light have to go out after the door closes again.

All this can be accomplished with the VMB4RYLD, just read the manual, see page 13 (full manual) for the different functions.

Open and close the door light goes on, open and close the door light goes off (toggle) this does work.
Only the light itself goes/toggles on when Closing the door while I’d rather have it on opening the door.
As now you’re in a dark room until the door is closed.