Water counter


I’m planning to connect the pulse counter of my water meter to a VMB7IN and read it out on a VMBGPOW (oled glass panel). At the moment, I can only see kWh (instead of liters). When will it be possible to select the type of unit (kWh, l, m³) in the Velbus software?

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Do you mean the Velbus configuration software, VelbusLink?

Yes, the VelbusLink software

Unfortunately, there are no plans to change the unit indication

So when Velbus says that you can connect any type of sensor to the VMB7IN, you actually mean that people can only measure their electric power consumption… That’s rather disappointing Velbus!

I refer to this page with information about the VMB7IN:

In my humble opinion, people should use this module to measure their water, gas en electric power consumption. For me, it’s rather normal that you can choose what type of pulse you are measuring in the configuration software (and that the END-USER can see the right unit on the glass panel in his living room)!

This is a question that has been asked frequently, and it is the desire of the VMBGPx developer to add this to the firmware, so this will probably be added in due course.

But there are no plans to change the unit indication in VelbusLink before having updated firmware.

I just want to support the idea of being able to connect also water and gas meters.
I have 2 electricity meters, 2 water meters and 1 gas meter connected.
1 kW is equal to 1m³ that is not very clean and probably just a small thing to add.