Which are the compatible dimmable lamp with vmbdme?


I have tried already some of them. None of the one I have tested (while they are dimmable) are working with the VMBDME dimmer…
It’s working at 100% but not dimmable…

PS I’m using 220V lamps.

velleman.eu/downloads/0/velb … vmbdme.pdf

Thanks for your help.

  1. It seem to works with lamps behind transformer (inductive load), resistive lamp (direct) or capacitive power.
  2. Try Mode 4 or C : each time you press button (in a less delay than 5 seconds), you should see a variation (-+25%)
  3. Mode 0 to 7 would be for 220V lamps (resistive) or capactive transformer (hash power). Mode 8 to F would be 12V Lamps behind transformer (inductive).

Hope this will help you.

OK Tks,
But I would rather have receive the brand and model names of the lamp which are working…
You do not have a list of compatible lamps (220V) with this VMBDME dimmer?

At this time, we have tested Philips master 8W (GU10) and it works fine.