Which curtain motor and rail to buy

Hello everyone,
I have recently installed a velbus system in my house and asked for module for electric curtains as well. The connection that is provided has 5 wires: earth, zero, power, open, and close.
However I am frustrated of searching for the right motor and rail for it. All I find in the market has their own system, with remote and app which I do not want. I want a simple system working with my 5 wire connection. I would like to have curtain, not roller blonds or similar. Something similar to somfy.

Is there anybody who can help me on this?!
I live in Ghent, Belgium.

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Does this help you?


I have got a curtain track and motor working with Velbus, but it is a 0v control.

Common, open & close

This needs a pair of small relays between the Velbus VMB2BLE (or VMB2BLE-20) channel and the track or a VMB1BLS (no longer available)

FYI, the track I have is this, specifically requesting the wired remote connection.

Supplier website, link to product

It looks like they are sold out, but might be worth asking them when they’ll be back in stock as they still sell their motors separately