Which dimmer to use?

I have some lights that have this lightbulb - which should be dimmable
Lucide G9 - Led bulb - Ø 1,5 cm - LED Dim. - G9 - 1x3,5W 2700K - White

but it doesnt say which dimmer type it would need… I think the DMI-R needs at least 40Watts ?

Ya can’t buy a VMBDMI-R any more

Actually, it’s a 10W minimum, but I’ve had mixed results.

We suggest the Finder 15.11, driven from a 10v control channel (VMB8DC)
For example this package

Or an 8 dimmer version

That dimmer can be switched to Leading edge or Trailing edge ,max load for LED is 100W (400 for resistive loads)

Velbus V1 VMB4DC & Finder slave dimmer wiring diagram

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Still showing as “No Stock” at Velleman.

This certainly would have saved me a lot of cabinet space but it makes for a very untidy install in comparison because it pushes mains connections to the bottom half of the rail and means you cant use VMBRAIL for bus connections.

All of my installation (apart from the few finder 15.11) has low voltage below the rail (and all on VB RAIL bus connectors) and mains above. That really simplifies mains wiring and keeps everything really tidy.

I was really hoping the new 8x dimmer would keep mains on top.
I can see why they did it. I just wish they had tried that bit harder to keep the mains all on-board.
Four or eight AC-live connections on-top (+N) would have been much better.

Yeah, stock of the new VMB8DC should be in very soon.


Yes, that’s 100% accurate for Velbus V1, the version you have.

As of Jan, all that changed with Velbus V2.0, with the move to Molex bus connections and WAGOs.

Yes, Fully compatible with every module in the range, from 1999

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I finally found 38 minutes to watch this :slight_smile:
And you made me wait until 18 minutes to see what was happening with regard to VMBrail and bus connections!

I was cynical at first but I can see a lot of thought has gone into all this. Losing all those screw terminals and replacing with double-molex plug per module makes a lot of sense… no more wire stripping and much more plug and play. Should save a lot of time and reduce mistakes.

I am a little disappointed to see the end of mains dimming. And I am still left with quite a mess of wires for eg. 8 channels of mains dimming. I had hoped for something a bit tidier for lots of DIM channels. And those 8 channels still need 12x DIN so just as bulky as a 2x4DC+8Finder.

I was really hoping for a tidy 8x AC Dimmer module in 4DIN but I can sort of see why I cant have one :frowning: The finder modules do work well… just a shame to have to fall back on 10V analogue as interface and the need to have mains wiring at the bottom of the rail.
My huge array of VMBDMI-R is bulky but it is very tidy.

All very interesting though. I am a big fan of the design for manufacturing.
Thanks for the update. I look forward to seeing where it goes.

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Thanks Andy

Yeah, I hear you, loud and clear.

I have been asking for a simple 16 channel DMX output module for almost FIVE years…

One day… One day… It will arrive and all the dimming and third party control issues will vanish, especially for projects like yours with over 100 circuits (if memory serves correctly)

If only the avatars for the VELxxx users could reflect their emotions, all you have to do is say…


100 circuits (if memory serves correctly)

Yes, 134 Velbus modules (*)
5 cabinets in loft. One v.small cab in utility cupboard.
A few of those are VMB4DC and VMB4RLYNO.
Hence keen for compact things. :slight_smile:

  • Plus 4 power supplies, an RSUSB (yes, cable sticks out to far to close cab), and a Pi3 for network interface.
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