Will Velbus do what I want?

I’m fitting out a new build in the UK next year and currently researching Home Automation and lighting systems.

Velbus looks interesting but I can’t work out whether it does everything I want it to. I’ve read through as much as I can find of the manuals and guides on the site.

The things I would like to be able to do are -

  1. Create ‘scenes’ (in a similar way to Lutron or Futronix dimmers) - one button press to switch on a number of circuits (at specified dimmer levels if a dimmable circuit included)? I’m looking to do this in the living room and kitchen/diner

  2. have automated on/off patterns to simulate someone being in the house when I’m on holiday.

Yes, both are possible.

That’s good news. Now how would you do that? I can’t see it from the manuals. Does this require a server or integration with Comfort or similar or is it possible with just the switches and dimming modules?

Hi b33,

I pretty much did exactly what you are looking for in my house with velbus and comfort as the controller. Did it as a refit too, and as I previously had an x10 system with comfort. It was the comfort guys recommended velbus to me and haven’t looked back.

Did a document on it if you are interested.


Yes - saw your doc on Automated Home and have just finished reading it.

I’m trying to work out how much the Velbus kit can do WITHOUT adding the controller. It seems very reasonably priced up to that point but to add logic it looks like either -

  1. Velbus Control Center software - 700 Euro complete with hardware, 350euro for software including the iPhone app (then with c100euro chargeable updates).


  1. Comfort (minimum Logic plus Velbus plus ethernet) £550 but includes all the software. Unless I’m missing something this looks much better value and potentially more flexible in future.

Without some sort of controller I don’t see a great deal of point - yes I can have an ‘all off’ command and some timers but that doesn’t seem hugely useful.

Yeah, I think without a controller of some sort you wont seethe full benefit. Although adding units such as the velbus touch panels or timer units would give some additional flexibility.

I don’t use any of the logic functions built into the vvus modules, I find it easier to do this through my controller.

I would suggest whatever route you go, is to flood your house with sensor cable. Wire for motion sensors and door sensors everywhere you can think of. Also wire for temp sensors to places you think might be useful in future also.

Even internal doors should have door sensors (I use recessed hidden ones that cost about 3 euro each),so you can build in a bit of intelligence based on door position etc. I only did this in two internal doors but should have gone further.

Also wire for IR, I plan on putting in a velbus ir stick in the living room.

If you are going the comfort route, plan for additional lem board for extra inputs, the eight inputs. On the main panel. Will certainly not be enough. You will also need to keypad for comfort, too so don’t forget those.

Then again there is the comfort logic board which would give you the controller only functions of comfort without the alarm functions!! Might be an option if you are interested it looking at an alarm system

These are enough for what you asked: with the VMB4PD you can have some scenes at hand with one push of a button and with the programmable switchting times in the input modules like the VMB6xxx, you can simulate people in the house.