Windows Phone 7 Development

With the beta of WP7 Mango, socket connections are possible with the WP7 Framework.
So I gave it a try and build a quick and dirty WP7 app to test it.

I use the socketserver by danssaertd ([

At the moment I use a couple of customized classes from the Velbus library (the default library doesn’t work with the WP7 framework) and I do a connect-send-disconnect on every keypress, so no statuses at the moment.
I’m still trying to wrap my head around the new Socket class in WP7 to use a constant connection and get feedback.

If anyone is interested in the code or some hints/tips give me a shout.

So I polished it a little and added the dimmers, temp sensors and status updates.
At the moment I’m trying to add some sort of connect/disconnect logic so I don’t have to connect manually.