Wireless data transfer

Is there a way to connect a Velbus sensor wireless to the Velbus network. Here at home there is no possibility to place a data cable to the centre of the ceiling. I would like to place a mini PIR in the center of the ceiling and connect the data wireless to the a Velbus data cable . I have 12 volt at the place where I want to put the sensor. This way I would be able to use all the capabilities of the VMBPIRM.
Thank you

At the moment, no. (Not using Velbus material only). There may be solutions out there by third parties, maybe someone else here has more information on those…


Everything is possible, it just depends on your budget.

If you’ve already got VelServ running on a machine in your network, you could…

Add a tiny SBC like the new Pi Zero W, with another copy of VelServ (running in client mode).


The down side is that you’d need a Velbus USB module and a second Velbus module to make it work.

Parts list -

Linux SBC with LAN or WiFi - Like a Pi Zero W
Another Velbus module, maybe a VMB1RYNOS
12v to 5v dropper / buck

Stuart beats me to it :smile:

another solutions could be (including velserv:
vmbpirc -> vmb1rs -> esp01 running esplink serial to tcp bridge -> connect it to velserv running on a PI or openhab installation --> vmb1usb connected to the pi

not test this but could work. Simpler would be to use a PIR sensor with an open contact and transfer that contact trough rf433 or use a zigbee pir sensor or …

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