WMB4AN alarms don't work

Hi everyone,

Yet another VMB4AN bug unfortunately it seems:

If you create an alarm with an activation and/or deactivation delay > 1 minute the alarm will never trigger and/or release.

If I set either delay to just 2 mins then the alarm will not press/release but as soon as I set the delay to 1 minute or less it works well.

We’ll have a look into this.


For the activation level, please set the offset value (hysteresis) to a higher value.

If both offsets are set to zero, the timer keeps restarting, and it seems that the time settings are not working correctly.

We have reproduced the situation with offset setting (hysteresis) and it works correctly for VMB4AN Firmware 2120.

See photo config hysteresis below.

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Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately hysteresis config is not possible when using Active mode threshold:


Is this something likely to be fixed or a limitation?

As a workaround could I create alarms for each mode (with hysteresis) and lock/unlock them with program steps?

Not sure I could use multiple alarms in a Monitor status of initiator action though?

@richturner ,

This Mode “Active mode threshold”, will be reviewed (reproduced) next Tuesday.

We are going to check in this mode whether there is a bug or not.
As soon as a solution is found, we will let you know.

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Velbus SL2 - Tech Service


Hello @richturner ,

We have reproduced the situation “when sensor is Lower than” and activation level set as: “active mode threshold”, it works correctly for VMB4AN with firmware 2120 and VelbusLink 10.9.4 (lastest version).
Delays tested above 1 minute will trigger the alarm.

We can’t reproduce the error you have.

Best Regards,
Velbus SL2 - Tech Service

Hi Apologies for the delay in replying.

So if you select Active mode threshold should you not also get the hysteresis option as well?

Without the hysteresis option does the timer constantly restart whenever the sensor value changes?

I need to find time to investigate this with the latest firmware and VelbusLink version but having hysteresis option only if a specific mode is selected seems strange.

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