Writing your own program

Who is writing his own soft in C#?
Is there anyone that can write a serverprogram in c# to communicate with velbuslink?


Mine is in “C” but is programmed to work unther linux. You can recompile it as you want with mingw or equal to use it unther windows.

I did it
And it is able to addressed by Silverlight or others

What do you want exactly ?

Actually, what I did is to adapt the SDK provided by Velleman to allow access to my server.
I did it months ago… I think I designed it to let it connect to VelbusLink aswell…

I check and come back…

The Velbus Library for .NET can be found here:
velleman.be/downloads/files/ … buslib.zip

It contains the basics of Velbus I/O using the built-in .NET 2.0 SerialPort component. Theoretically it could be expanded by creating a new component that implements the Velleman.Velbus.IBusInterface interface and uses sockets instead of the serial port.

You can also download VelbusLink 6 which has a built-in server. Don’t try to configure your modules with VelbusLink 6 though…