Controlling RGB LED Strips 24V

I found that topic: VMB1DM and LED lamps but the links to LED strips solution no longer work. I need somthign to control this: EtiamPro E24W230RGB: Professional LED strip, flexible, RGB, 60 LEDs/m, 5 m, 24 V, IP68 – Velleman – Wholesaler and developer of electronics

Any advice? I need full RGB + dimming control.

3 x Ltech CHLSC12: SINGLE CHANNEL LED DIMMER – Velleman – Wholesaler and developer of electronics (one per RGB channel)
1 x Velbus VMB4LEDPWM-20: Four-channel LED dimmer module – Velleman – Wholesaler and developer of electronics
a viable solution or there is something better?


VMB4LEDPWM-20 is the single point solution for dimming 12V to 24V Constant Voltage LED lamps and strips.

Three channels of which will give you RGB dimming on common anode strips.

If you need more, the VMB8DC-20 partnered with a 12V to 24V dimmer of your choice is an option.

Vellemann option
(4 x 10V control)

Or SunRicher PWM dimmer

Or Abeltronics have a range of PWM dimmers that can handle Common Anode or Common Cathode LED devices

There’s a diagram on our website for LED RGB strip or Constant Current LEDs.

VMB1DM is a very old module, still supported but hasn’t been manufactured for years.

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Thank you!!! :heart_eyes:

I’m planning 20 m (4 strips of 5 m each) of the LED Strips (24V, 5 W per channel per meter), so 100 W per channel in total. I need to get a 360 W power supply (300 W + 20% of capacity).

I found some types here:

but if you have something tried & tested please let me know!

Thanks again!!!

P.S. For now this one seems to be the winner: Mean Well HLG-480H-24: SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY - SINGLE OUTPUT - 480 W - 24 V – Velleman – Wholesaler and developer of electronics

Edit: Looks like RGBW with 20W per meter would be within the power limits as well: EtiamPro E24W830RGBW: Professional LED strip, flexible, RGB + warm white, 2700K, 60 LEDs/m, 5 m, 24 V, IP68 – Velleman – Wholesaler and developer of electronics
I could pair the driver with a 4 channel velbus relay to be able to switch off any of the 4 strips… (relay would only disconnect the common wire)

this seems interesting… certainly as I have 2 of those Mean Well power supplies now on a single RYLD channel (230 switched) and using 2 channels of the VMB4DC for dimming…

the problem is… if 1 LED goes on… the other also switches on automatically on minimal dim value (although the VMB4DC for that channel is completely off)… because the power adapter switches on… (and it doesn’t seem to matter how much voltage is on the 0-10v input of it)

perhaps I can use this new module to actually control both independently. But can the 24v cables run for like 20meters?

Regarding the cable run: cables can run any length (for power), but you need to calculate voltage drop and decide how big cable is big enough. And you don’t want to install 16 mm2 for LED strip :slight_smile: An example online calculator: DC Wire Size Calculator

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Can you draw out what you’ve done there please?

I have done something similar with plenty of installs and not had a problem.

But we do use Velbus PWM dimmers throughout.

If you can include the Velbus Actions to have set too, that would help.

For example

In my own home, the bathroom has 4 channels of LED @ 12V

1 batch of White downlights and 1 strip of RGB

There are 0104 actions between each of the 4DC channels and the 4RYLD channel to power up the PSU for these lights

With the VMB4DC configured to hold the PSU active for a little after they go off, in case it was a mistake or a pause in the colour change.

The only user actions happen between the buttons and the VMB4DC channels (or a pulse via a VR to kick a colour change)

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I’m not sure what you mean?

Are you suggesting leaving the PSU active 24/7 and just isolate the +Vcc from the LED strip and the controllable 0V via the PWM dimmers connected?

That will give some VERY strange results.

I would suggest switching the mains voltage into the Constant Voltage PSU for the lights
Then use a new VMB4LEDPWM-20 to handle all the dimming.

I might create a drawing for this on Friday, time permitting.

It would be loosely based on this solution for 4 strips of Constant Current LED that someone asked me for years ago.

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I see

So it’s the dimmable PSUs that’s are the issue.

I feel your pain


As promised, here is a drawing showing how to connect RGBW LED strip to the new VMB4LEDPWM-20 Velbus module AND switch the PSU as required.

VelbusLink Project file
VMB4LEDPWM&Relays.vlp (131.6 KB)

Let me know if you need any more info


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I’ve just been thinking about this

It would cause all kinds of cross talk issues within the tape

A bit costly, but worth considering a bank / array of cheap 12V relays that off-load all connections instead

there are din rail mountable versions out there

PURELY as an example

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Thank you!!! I’ll have to experiment a bit - I don’t expect any cross-talks with leds connected same side together when the common connection is isolated. Saying this, a relay disconnecting 4 wires would be a clean solution.

I think I might start with the minimal control setup (power supply + controller only), but maximum wiring - each strip wired separately to the junction box. That will allow to modify the connections easily if I’m not happy.

8 of those (2 per LED strip, common cable stays connected) would solve the problem: Buy Finder 16A Modular Step Relay 24 V DC N/A 16 A (AC1) 4000VA/(AC15) 750 VA | Conrad Electronic
30VDC @ 16 A max should be enough. +/- 230 euro…

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There are bigger versions :laughing:

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Yep, that would do! :heart_eyes: Thanks!